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Our traditionally made Sourdough takes 3 days to produce. We keep an active sourdough culture which is fermented for around 18 hours to give it its unique taste. We use nothing artificial in our sourdough, just Flour, Salt & Water. This is by far, our best selling range.

Everyday Yeasted Breads

Traditional everyday breads made by hand fresh every morning.

Large Multiseed Loaf

£4.00Add to basket

Large Wholemeal Loaf

£3.70Add to basket

Large White Loaf

£3.70Add to basket

Large Country Loaf

£3.70Add to basket

Focaccias & Baguettes

Delicious French & Italian breads


£2.80Add to basket

Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia

£3.00Add to basket

Olive & Herb Focaccia

£3.00Add to basket

Mozzarella, Stilton & Basil Focaccia (Saturdays only)

£3.50Out of stock

Flavoured Breads

Small Walnut & Ale

£3.50Add to basket

Large Walnut & Ale

£5.00Add to basket

Bread Rolls

White Rolls

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Multiseed Rolls

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