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What is sourdough?

We get asked all the time about sourdough, from what it is to how its made.

Sourdough is simply a bread which is made using natural fermentation, using yeasts found naturally in the flour and in the air. This is done by creating a “Starter” (although there are many names for it) which is fermented over days, weeks, months, even years to develop a flavour and aroma the baker wishes to use. It can be a strong sourdough flavour or more fruity depending on the bakers style.

The difference between a sourdough bread and a yeasted bread is that a yeasted bread is made using commercial yeast.

Some people often tell us they bought a sourdough loaf from a supermarket and didn’t like it, this video will tell you why………

There are plenty of good reasons why you should choose a sourdough loaf, come and talk to us if you would like to know more. (Us bakers are pretty passionate about our sourdough!)

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