Our Available Courses:

Festive Breads Course

Our festive breads course proves popular year on year, enjoy a day of Festive bread baking and perhaps a tipple or two throughout the day. This a relaxed fun day of making some truly delicious festive breads.

On the day we will make a Panetonne, a Danish crown and 12th night bread, they will look fantastic, taste incredible and are a joy to produce. This is an intermediate course and will ideally you’ll have some cake baking/ bread making skills prior to the course, but not essential.

Course Layout

9:45am – 5.30pm

Meet Garry and Matt in the Cafe for a coffee and a welcome chat

Head to bakery and get setup at a work station

Talk 1: The Basics – We will talk about essential equipment, flour & protein content, dough development & yeast.

Practical 1: Weight out and mix the ingredients to create the 3 doughs

Demo 1: We will show you our technique for developing the gluten in the dough.

Practical 2: Folding and turning the doughs over the course of the morning.

Lunch in the Cafe – Lunch and refreshments will be provided by us

Practical 3: Bench Resting and shaping the doughs

Practical 4: Topping & Glazing the festive breads

Talk 2: Proving and baking tips

Practical 5: Baking the breads

Q&A at the end