Our Available Courses:

French & Italian Bread Making

In this course we take a look at the methods behind making some truly classic French & Italian breads namely ciabatta, focaccia & baguettes. Expect a busy day in which we will also demo for you some croissant & pain au chocolate techniques in which you will get to have a go yourself at shaping. For lunch we will create our own pizzas which you can top yourself.

Good pizza dough and good croissant dough rely does rely on an overnight refrigerated dough to allow the gluten bonds to relax, so to make this a little easier we will have prepared a pizza dough and croissant dough to demo and use on the day however you will get the chance to make some pizza dough in the afternoon to take home with you if you wish.

Course Layout

9:45am – 5.30pm

Meet Garry and Matt in the Cafe for a coffee and a welcome chat

Head to bakery and get setup at a work station

Talk 1: The Basics – We will talk about essential equipment, flour & protein content, dough development & yeast.

Practical 1: Weight out and mix the ingredients to create the doughs for focaccia, ciabatta & baguettes

Demo 1: We will show you our technique for developing the gluten in the dough.

Practical 2: Folding and turning the doughs over the course of the morning.

Demo 2: Laminating a croissant dough

Practical 3: Pizza dough shaping, topping & Baking

Lunch in the Cafe – Lunch – Eat the pizza you just made and refreshments will be provided by us

Practical 4: Bench Resting and shaping the doughs

Demo & Practical 5: Rolling & Shaping the croissants & Pain au chocolates

Talk 2: Proving, scoring dough and baking

Practical 5: Scoring the dough and baking

Practical 6: Making the pizza dough and developing the gluten using techniques learned earlier in the day (optional)

Q&A at the end