Our Available Courses:

Sourdough Bread Baking

Baking great Sourdough is the ultimate goal of any bread baker. By now you may have mastered the art of a tin loaf or multi seed cob but learning how to bake with a live sourdough culture is a art in itself, it requires patience, discipline and a deep understanding of the bread making process.

Our goal on our 1 day sourdough baking course is to give you the skills to walk out of our bakery and be able to bake sourdough yourself at home. We will take you through every stage of our sourdough making process and tell you at each stage the key things to look out for which will allow you to move to the next stage.

Unlike other bakery courses we run this one a little differently. Good sourdough will take 2-3 days to produce, and we don’t have beds, so to do this in a 1 day course we will have some sourdough dough already made which we will shape in the morning, prove during the day and bake in the afternoon. While that is proving we will make and develop a sourdough dough to take home with you. (And of course you will take some the loaf you bake)

Course Layout

9:45am – 5pm

Meet Garry and Matt in the Cafe for a coffee and a welcome chat

Head to bakery and get setup at a work station

Talk 1: The Basics – We will talk about essential equipment, flour & protein content, sourdough culture, dough development.

Practical 1: Bench Rest then shape the dough into a proving basket.

Practical 2: Weight out and mix the ingredients to create a dough

Demo 1: We will show you our technique for developing the gluten in the dough.

Practical 3: Folding and turning the dough over the course of the morning.

Lunch in the Cafe – Lunch and refreshments will be provided by us

Talk 2: Proving, scoring dough and baking

Practical 4: Scoring the dough and baking

Talk 3: Creating and looking after a sourdough culture

Practical 5: Create a sourdough culture to take home

Q&A at the end