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Sourdough Course

A full day of understanding the principles of Sourdough - Keeping a Sourdough Starter at home, Mixing and working with the active culture and how to develop the dough into beautiful Sourdough Bread

Ask any baker in the world what is there favourite bread, and I bet you’ll get almost the same answer every time. Sourdough!

Steeped in tradition its one of the tastiest breads out there. It has a slow natural fermentation which brings out loads of unique flavours and the starter itself can be trained to give yo just the characteristics you’re looking for, whether its tangy and more sour, or light and fruity we’ll show you how to achieve whatever style you prefer.

Many people try and fail Sourdough at home, the fact of the matter is producing great sourdough is hard.

We’ll teach you in depth each stage of the process so you’ll go away with all the knowledge, tips and tricks we use in the bakery to produce your own fantastic Sourdough.

What we’ll teach you on this course:

Basics: Equipment & Ingredients

Culture: Maintaining a Sourdough Starter at home

Bread: White Sourdough, Country Sourdough & 8 Grain Sourdough

Techniques: Weighing out Ingredients, Mixing, Developing gluten, Shaping & Baking


“What a fabulous day I had! I have made sourdough bread before following methods from books (by famous bakers). The knowledge I’ve gained from Garry and Matt just blows everything else I ever learned, out the window. They have made the whole process seem much simpler and the time saving tips are amazing. They also encouraged us to keep in touch especially if we need help! Their bread is amazing and I thoroughly recommend them.”

moragl938Sourdough bread making course - Reviewed 1 October 2021

What the day will look like

As a guideline....

This course is a little different in the way its run it as sourdough has such long fermentation times. We will have some prepared dough, but dont worry, you’ll get to make your own too.

  • 9.45am Meet for Coffee & Welcome
  • 10am Get Setup in the Bakery
  • 10.15am Talk: Ingredients and Flour
  • 10.40am: Bench Rest, Shaping & Proving
  • 11.10am Talk: Keeping and Using a Sourdough Culture
  • 11.30am Practical: Weighing out & Mixing
  • 12pm: Developing gluten & Fermentation
  • 1pm Lunch in our Cafe
  • 2pm: Practical: Scoring & Baking
  • 2.30pm Talk: Baking Equipment
  • 3.30pm: Talk: Bake Timings
  • 4.30pm Tasting and Q&A

Course Dates

28th January 2024: Sourdough

£110.00Out of stock

10th March 2024: Sourdough

£110.00Out of stock

9th June 2024: Sourdough

£120.00Add to basket

More dates will become available for this course in the second half of 2024

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Useful Information:

All our courses are held in our bakery. The Address is 3 Bath Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6JQ

Courses are always run on a Sunday and there is Free Parking in Leek Town Centre right outside the Bakery.

Whilst most equipment is provided you may wish to bring your own set of electronic scales and an apron.

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